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The Golf Master. This package is designed for the dedicated golfer who aspires to reach the pinnacle of their game. This package includes:


  • 8x 45 minute Lessons      Price $600.00

  • Complete Iron Fitting       Price $299.00

  • Complete Driver Fitting   Price $199.00

  • Putter Fitting                        Price $99.00

  • Swing Analysis & Video    Price $199.00

  • Complete 10 point Data Collection   Price $99.00

  • Postural Analysis & Correction    Price $109.00

  • One Outdoor Playing Session     Price $99.00

  • Take home homework including video   Price  $19.99                  

Save over $1,000!​

The Ultimate Golf Package

  • Once any service or part of service is rendered, full refund or transfer of service is not available. Once any part of service is rendered and if a cancellation of service is requested, the sale package is considered void, and the customer will be charged for each service rendered at the original individual price of that service. Packages must be started within 30 days of purchase and expire 6 months after the initial purchase date.

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