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Unleash Your Golfing Greatness. Enjoy ten invigorating  45-minute long lessons where our expert instructors will fine-tune your technique, sharpen your mental game, and boost your overall performance. This package includes:


  • 10x 45-min Lessons


Save $150

The Platinum Golf Package - 10 Lessons

  • All packages must be started within 30 days of initial purchase and expire 6 months after the initial purchase date. Customer may cancel package within 3 days of purchase for a full refund minus a 39.99 processing fee. If a customer rerquests a refund for a purchased package after any service included in that package has been completed the package sale price is considered void and the customer will be entitled to a refund minus the non sale price of each individual item completed including the appropriate sales tax. For example if customer buys the ultimate package for 699.00 and rerquest a refund after 1 lesson, postural analysis and video analysis. The customer will be charged only for one lesson, one postural analysis and video analysis at its regular price and that total will be subtracted from the sale price.

    For example 699.00(package price)-99.00(postural analysis normal price)-199.00(video analysis normal price)-80(one golf lesson normal price) = 321- sales tax 25 = 296 refund. Likewise on the button golf academy has an obligation of 6 months to complete any service included in any package starting from the initial date of any service completed in a package. In the event of a national  crisis or a location move this 6 month time frame shall be frozen until day to day operations are able to begin again. In the case of either one of these circumstances On The Button Golf Academy reserves the right to hold its services at any other sercure third party location and upon offereing this option the customer has the right to refuse but cannot use this as a reason for a refund. All disputes are allowed to be settled by an independent third party paid for by the customer.            

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